The Veterinary Council of Zambia is made up of the following members:

(a) The Chairperson

(b) The Vice Chairperson

(c) the Director responsible for Veterinary Services

(d)the Dean of the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Zambia

(e) a representative of the Attorney-General

(f) one farmer nominated by Zambia National Farmers Union

(g) two veterinary professionals, nominated by the Veterinary Association of Zambia membership

(h) one veterinary paraprofessional, nominated by the Veterinary Association of Zambia membership

The specific functions of the Veterinary Council of Zambia are to:

(a) promote an understanding of professionals ethics amongst veterinary professionals and para-professionals

(b) participate in the development of veterinary practice standard setting

(c) maintain appropriate practice standards among veterinary professionals and paraprofessionals that are consistent with the principle of self-regulation and the promotion of high standards of veterinary services

(d) promote the integrity and enhance the status of the veterinary profession, including the declaration of any particular practice to be undesirable for all, or a particular category of, veterinary surgeon

(e) license public and private animal health facilities and monitor quality control and assurance of animal health facilities and services

(f) represent, co-ordinate and develop the veterinary professions and paraprofessionals and promote its interest

(g) protect and assist the public in all matters relating to practice of the veterinary profession

(h) make recommendations affecting, or relating to, the veterinary profession to the general meeting of the Association

(i) promote continuing professional development amongst veterinary professionals, and

(j) do all such things as are necessary, or incidental to the performance of its functions under this Act.