Members will be part of an honorable profession.


  • Access to the acquisition of knowledge of veterinary and veterinary paraprofessionals through the establishment of technical libraries and the provision of monetary grants, books, apparatus and any other facilities necessary to achieve this end. This is currently accomplished through membership of the Commonwealth Veterinary Association, and its associated CPD portal. As well as this, the Association is currently lobbying for funding to assist members with various programs.
  • Members are invited to attend meetings of the Association for the reading and discussion of papers for professional interest.
  • Members are invited to attend other activities of interest or benefit to veterinary professionals and paraprofessionals
  • Members are offered alternative dispute resolution mechanisms,  and VAZ can serve as an arbitral institution for disputes of a veterinary professional and paraprofessional nature.


  • Issuance of a Membership Card which ensures the following:
    • Identification of the professional or paraprofessional as being a legitimate member of the association
    • Access to preferential rates of life insurance
    • Access to preferential rates when purchasing goods from Livestock Services Co-operative Society.


  • All members will receive a monthly newsletter from the Association, containing notices, interesting cases, veterinary questionnaires, and articles.
  • All members will have access to the Veterinary Association of Zambia “Membership Portal”
  • All members will be allowed access to the VAZ Members Closed Group on Facebook.
  • Members will be represented both nationally and internationally by the Association, and can voice concerns through the Association.
  • Members will be invited to the Annual Veterinary Gala Dinner to take place in November each year.
  • Members can be chosen to receive awards at the annual gala dinner.

The Association is currently working on introducing other benefits including: preferential rates with different accommodation establishments and preferential rates with other veterinary suppliers